Andreas Fink, MINI rally driver

Andreas Fink is a rally driver with more tan 15 years of experience, based in Coburg, right in middle of the beautiful Bayern. He is one of a kind pilot, driving an amazing 2005 MINI R53 that you love the moment you see it. We think that someone racing such a nice MINI is for sure a very nice person, so we asked him to do an interview and he kindly agreed.

The first question is quite obvious: Why MINI?
I wanted a car that always gives me feedback, what happens within on the track, In 2015 I drove one MINI from a friend, and I was completely surprised how quick this car is in the curves and how direct the MINI reacts when I turn the steering wheel round. Also I wanted to have a car, that no one else is driving in the german rally scene so that I can show the spectators something special.

What has this MINI that makes it so special? 
This Mini is a creation on our own. Nearly all aerodynamic parts are custom parts, that we designed by ourself. Also the sound of the Mini is very loud and special. Such a big noise coming out of such a small car.  The following items are within the Mini:

  • Rally tarmac suspension
  • D2 Race Brake front
  • Programmable control unit
  • Custom exhaust
  • Rear wing from GP garage with self made side wings (carbon)
  • Gurney flaps carbon (self made)
  • Rear diffusor (self made)
  • Short gearbox with unique main- and auxiliary shaft
  • And many more …

9. September 2020
Why are you still driving a R53 MINI and not a more modern and updated model?
Because of the compressor. The opportunity to create more power with an other compressor is very good. Also we can reduce the weight of the car more than we could do with a turbo charged Mini Cooper. The difference is about 50-70 kilos for the race.

Was the MINI already yours or did you buy it to race?
No, I bought it only to race.

Who is sitting on your right when you drive?
This is Sabine Besslein. She comes from Bamberg also in Bavaria. It´s a town with 70.000 citizens about 50 km in the south of my hometown.


You are in competition in NC2 Class. What are the limitations for this category?
Most of the time we have to fight against BMW M3 with about 300 or more hp. So it is not easy to compete with these cars, when teh tracks go to high speed. When the tracks are more technical, the MINI can show his strength. Limitation are nearly 350 hp. It depends on the weight and the swept capacity of the cars. For example. The Mini is limited in this class at 330 hp. (actually we got 210 hp)

Did you ever tried with a different car or category?
I drove two VW Golf 3 (from 2006 till 2014) before the Mini. But this was not a good balanced car. The back of the car was very nervous when you brake hard.

What’s your best memory in your racing career?
There are a lot of good memories. Since the Mini is my racing car I always enjoy every race, because of the spectators who are very interested in this car. Some of then send emails to me and ask for calendars, poster, autograph cards. Special moments are, when you get asked by a racing club to drive at their rally because of the cool car. At this moment you know, that you do something right.

Andreas Fink MINI Rally
How’s your physical and mental training? 
I play in a basketball team. We play in a regional league here in north Bavaria. Sometimes I play a little bit of badminton. Most of the time I take the mountain-bike to get to work. I have no diet food or something like that.  I try to meet friends and have a good time when I am not at races or at work. This helps me to relax. And yes, of course I also like to go to a party sometimes.

What do you think about racing video games?
Video games are a good thing to train your reaction. They become more and more realistic. But when you drove a racing car one time, you know that the difference between the reality and the video game is very very big. So, it´s fun, but it can not train you like the real adrenalin.

Sponsors are important for any race driver. How’s your relationship with them?
I try to create a little friendship with the sponsors. This helps me to stay in contact and makes it easier for the next year to get them with you again.

What’s the most difficult part to get an sponsor?
They are the key to develop your car more and more. Without them the Mini wouldn’t be the Mini it is now. At the beginning its very hard to get sponsors. You need Persons who are interested by there selfs in motorsport, or did motorsport in the past that they know how expensive this sport is. You have to create a interesting content for them, so that they want to try it. For the most of them it´s something new and completely different to the normal sponsorships they do.

How do you see 2020 season?
Actually I am searching for the sponsors for 2020. The development of the Mini depends on the budget that I will get from the sponsors. If its enough we want to build a new engine with round about these 330 hp to kick the BMW M3´s a…. I want to do about 10 to 15 races this year. Maybe also one or two times at an racetrack. Lausitzring for example at the german time attack masters in August.

Thank you so much Andreas! We wish you a lot of success in the future!
Thank you. I´m very proud that the Mini was recognized in Spain. I want to say thank you to the people who always come to the races, who are interested in the Mini, who likes my page, who the Mini can make them happy. Thats the most important part, that we can create a smile on the faces of the spectators. I really enjoy. To all who want to try to race on their own. Never give up. It´s a long and hard way. But it´s worth it when you made it.

Klassensieg Rallye Scheßlitz 2009
Klassensieg Rallye Ebern 2011
Klassensieg Rallye fränkisches Weinland 2016
Gruppensieg Rallye fränkisches Weinland 2016

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